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Sponsor a child, change a life!

Sponsoring a child to go to school is the first step out of poverty

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Education is the best way out of poverty, but millions of children in developing countries only attend school for a few years before leaving to start work and provide supplementary income for their family. You can help by sponsoring a student so they can attend school from Kindergarten to University. Your student will receive things like school enrollment fees, clothing and new shoes, backpacks and school supplies for the year, Bibles, transportation to school, and food. You can establish a lasting friendship with your student as they send you letters with their progress, knowing that you are helping them have a better future. When we started Education and More less than half the children, especially the girls were enrolled in school. Now we have over 60 children per year sponsored and even have 6 students currently in college! Your support can ensure that these children are able to not only attend school, but continue with their education.